Astra Creative Co.

San Diego, California

A marketing agency’s’ website is the firm handshake that can seal the deal for many potential clients. Astra Creative Co. is a marketing studio with the unique advantage of being staffed entirely by a passionately creative family. Offering services ranging from branding to film, photography to design, web development to social marketing, Astra demands a site as dynamically elegant as its offerings. While designing a seamless user interface, I realized the importance of selling the product through the site itself. This was accomplished by incorporating all aspects of Astra’s offerings through the site itself, from personality-driven copy, to relational photography, to mindful UX/UI finalizing an unforgettable site. I was also able to curate the photography and videography package catalogues as well as branding book templates.


Neighbourhood Eatery

Sioux Narrows, Canada

The Neighbourhood Eatery grew from one family’s dream to reignite the spirit of a small town and provide a magnetically warm table for their friends, family, and neighbors to gather around. The population of Sioux Narrows is diverse in its identity as a haven for summer tourists and boaters, the town itself being stretched along the shore of a vast lake and dotted with cabins, chalets, and family getaways. A major missing element to the tourism landscape was fast, causal dining with gourmet dedication suited to the tastes of locals and visitors alike. Ensuring that the Neighborhood Eatery’s delicious menu and ordering system was immediately accessible, undeniably visible, and powerfully engaging in the virtual landscape of Sioux Narrows was priority for us. Key in my goal in assisting with the oversight of their online branding was bringing the Neighborhood Eatery dream to life, firing up a savory combination of quality and visibility that is the core of every successful user experience.



Los Angeles/London

GFWM is a vibrant, young, community oriented brand, committed to inclusivity, hope, and creativity. Based in L.A. and London, the marriage of both street appeal and quality statement was priority for the creative director in the shoot. By utilizing the small shooting space to our advantage to create a connected, energetic vibe, I was able to communicate the brands vision while pairing it with the urban landscape and color that is Los Angeles.


Fuller Youth Institute

Pasadena, California

Fuller Youth Institute prides themselves on their ability to produce cutting-edge research coupled with proactive approaches for the constantly evolving market of families seeking spiritual, emotional, and mental support for their children and teens. As a content creator, I carefully curated material for diverse platforms, tailoring approaches for different audiences with attention and detail. While much of my work focused on content for social media, I also produced several photo campaigns.


Give Her Life

Pasadena, California

Give Her Life focused their efforts on reducing the tragic phenomenon of ‘gendercide’ and raising awareness around the disproportionate number of girl children who disappear every year. While they targeted primarily Chinese and Indian families with supportive content and resources, their donor base lived radically different lives primarily in the global north. One of the many campaigns I produced while a part of the GHL team was an end of year fundraising movement, focused on the story of a powerful woman who had herself survived an attempted murder because of her gender. I was given the opportunity to script, shoot, film, and edit a short series covering her story and produce ancillary content to support its release.