Artist: Jess Velarde

Pasadena, California

Jess is a talented artist, passionate human, and sweet friend. Meeting her husband in one of his first classes at school was the most unexpected gateway to a beautiful and inspiring friendship with them both. When she asked if I’d do a lifestyle shoot for her website launch, I immediately accepted, relishing the joy that comes with working alongside creative hearts. I most love the authentic way in which Jess goes about her work, never presuming to know more than the next artist, student, cashier, or fellow cat-lover. She is a learner at heart and a lovely, welcoming soul into the risky, robust world of creative work.




It would be massively unfair to exclude within my work a brief glance into the many passionate people, profound places, and precious moments that built up both my work and my wonder at the world. Travel has been and always will be my creative fuel, challenging my inner child with the unknown and magical. From South Africa to Singapore, Budapest to Barcelona, Cambodia to California, Morocco to Manitoba, I’ve fallen prey to the fleeting moments that elude us so easily in everyday, and have attempted to capture, share, and be present. I will never cease to be amazed at what one might learn from a butcher in London, a cab driver in Manila, a monk in Angkor Wat, or a child in ones own hometown. Much of the work featured here was shot on 35mm film on my precious Canon AE-1, Lincoln.